Financial Freedom

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Financial freedom means to lead your life without being dependent on anyone for money.

There are 3 basic steps to achieve the same,

Step 1: The first and important thing to become financially independent is to start saving. Saving a part of your income for your future needs is imperative here.

Step 2: We all know money doesn't grow when you just save. You have to invest it in the right product to grow it.

How do you find the right product ?

o First be aware of the products that are available.

o Secondly learn about it. This could be done through reading from books, web or there are many forums like HerVarsity that educates you on various products available in the market. You could also seek expert opinion like that of an investment advisor. This will help you decide where to invest.

Step 3: Once you invest you can't just sit back and relax. Investment is an ongoing process. You have to be consistent especially when you are doing monthly investments. You have to make a habit of the same. Revisit and review your investment every now and then to see if it is going in the direction you want it go.

These steps will help you achieve your goal and reap the benefits of saving and investment.

Financial freedom is very important at every stage of your life more so when you are old and retired. That is when you are physically dependent on others and you have to make sure that you are not financially dependent too.

Save and invest now for a better tomorrow. Happy Investing !

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